Looking for the perfect party to spin out on the dancefloor and possibly reel in some great wins? Come join us at the Masquerade now! This fun slot was developed by the maestros at Red Tiger and is waiting for you to join the party at Rocket Slots today!


One of our favourite things about Masquerade is how visually stunning it is. We are used to beautiful games from Red Tiger and this is definitely one we can add to the list. From the soft lighting and the hazy evening sky to the low hubbub of the party which issues when the reels are at rest, this is a gorgeous game from start to finish.

This beauty carries across into the symbols. The lower paying symbols are all swooping updates on some classic slot symbol designs which any old player is bound to recognise; an A, K, Q, J, and 10. There are also some unique higher paying symbols which Red Tiger have designed exclusively for this game. They include items no self-respecting gentleman would be seen without at such an event; a signet ring, a black top hat, and a pocket watch.

The highest paying symbol in the game is a symbol with the face of a beautiful masked woman while the scatter for the bonus features is a golden mask.

How to Play

Masquerade is a very simple slot to play so it is perfect for both new players and anyone searching for something a little more relaxed. Everything you need to play is underneath the reels. On the left are the bet controls and the autospin. On the right is the manual spin, the turbo settings, and the paytable. With all of these settings at hand, you are in full control of your game at all times.

Game Features

There are three major game features in Masquerade and all of them are activated using the golden masks.

If they land on your reels, the first thing they may do is spin until they reveal matching symbols. If these symbols match one already on the reels, you are well on your way to scoring a big win.

The second feature involves a mask landing on the reels but then duplicating so it spreads over multiple symbols. This is a brilliant feature since it is covering most of the symbols all with the same feature. You are bound to be able to land a massive win here.

The final feature is the amazing grand mask. This provides a guaranteed win and if you manage to hit a high-paying symbol with it then you are looking at an amazing prize. A giant symbol will appear in reels 2, 3, and 4 and once again show the same symbol. With reels 1 and 5 potentially providing a small boost to an already brilliant mechanic, you are going to get a great win either way.

We think Masquerade is an amazing game which is both beautiful and lucrative. While some players would be turned away by the lack of free spins, the other features more than make up for this apparent loss. You have a real opportunity here to land some seriously amazing wins. Secure your invitation today and come on down to the Masquerade!

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.20
Max. Bet £100
Bonus Round Duplicating Substitutions, Giant Symbols