Beat The Bobbies

Looking for the chance to cause some mischief and have a little fun? We have just the slot for you, and you might even get away with a massive win to boot. This slot is Beat the Bobbies, a game straight from the fun-lovers at Eyecon and available for you to play now at Rocket Slots!


This game is quintessentially British at every turn. If the name didn’t give you a clue, you might also notice the Buckingham Palace-like structure that takes up the background and the blue and red flashing lights everywhere so beloved by the police force.

There are many different faces in this game and a number of them form the lower-paying symbols you use to secure a win. Such faces include an old lady, a stoic butler, a grizzled soldier, a sweet cleaner, a youthful postman, and a friendly bulldog.

The loot you are chasing after form the objects of your desire; the lucrative high-paying symbols. This includes a crown, a tiara, a ring and a jewel; objects any budding thief would love to get their hands on.

There are also two scatters; one is a motley crew of bobbies to act as the Wild while the other is Penny, a master thief and our accomplice while we play.

How to Play

Beat the Bobbies may look flashy and complicated but it is as simple as any slot we’ve ever played. The most important controls are all found to the right of the reels. These are the bet lever and the spin. To adjust your bet, simply click the button and then move the lever in the pop-up until it has settled on a wager you are happy to spend. You can then either hit the spin or select one of the options from the autoplay to keep the game running through multiple rounds.

This game has 243 paylines which means you are always a stone’s throw away from landing big. A win is awarded for matching symbols in adjacent reels from left to right. What kind of wins can you land?

Game Features

If you think this might just be a simple slot in terms of features then you could not be further from the truth! This game has everyone’s favourite special feature; the free spin!

When you land 3 of Penny’s scatters on the reels, you will be whisked away to a different screen and presented options to choose from for the free spins. You can get 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2x, 15 free spins with 3x, 10 spins with 4x, 8 spins with 5x, and 5 spins with a win multiplier of an amazing 10x.

You have a chance to win big here with any of the options but you have an even bigger chance of winning big if you dare to choose the lower number of spins. Will you be able to pull in the big win?

Beat the Bobbies has everything we love in a slot; a cohesive game with some brilliant chances to win big. That 10x multiplier really gives you the chance to land a massive win if you dare but the 2x multiplier will still offer a nice bonus if you would rather play a little safer. No matter what, you are sure to have a great time playing!

Game Stats
Paylines 243
Min. Bet £0.25
Max. Bet £50
Bonus Round Free Spin, Multipliers