Amulet and the Charm Power Bet

With a magical twist everyone is bound to love, The Amulet and the Charm Power Bet is a nice update to an already loved game. If you are on the hunt for something fresh and fun to play, you won’t regret a few spins here. This game was developed by the creative minds at High 5 Gaming and can be played now at Rocket Slots.


Our favourite thing about The Amulet and the Charm by far is its high-quality graphics. From the dark clouds in the background to the reels themselves, everything has been wonderfully developed to make a cohesive and beautiful game.

The symbols all tie into the fantasy theme. The lower-paying ones are an A, K, white bird, and gold dragon. The medium symbols are the eponymous Amulet and Charm. The highest paying symbols include a noble prince, a beautiful princess, a sultry sorcerous, and a wicked knight. You should also keep an eye out for the Wild symbols and the Free Spins scatter as they could help to net you something extra as you play.

How to Play

This as simple a slot to play as any others we have tackled. Whether you are a new player or you have tackled plenty of slots, it won’t be long before you are playing happily.

The first thing you are often going to want to do is adjust your bet. This can be done by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the screen or bringing up a pop-up by clicking the bar in between them. Clicking the spinner at the bottom of the reels will start the game and might lead to an awesome win!

If you would like a little more information about the game itself, you should head to the paytable. To do so, just head to the plus button in the top right corner and select it from the drop-down options. The paytable is one of the most important features of the game as it can give you lots of insight into the mechanics of the game and what you can expect before you play.

Game Features

The Amulet and the Charm has a number of fun special features sure to make the gameplay even more enjoyable for you. Firstly, there is the Wild symbol. Not only can this substitute for any symbol in the game except for the free spins scatter, it could also have a unique value up to 10,000 credits depending on where it lands on the reels!

There are also everyone’s favourite; the free spins! Landing three of the scatters will grant you some free spins you can play through to see if you can score a win.

Finally, there is the Power Bet function; activated by clicking the lightning bolt to the left of the reels. For 30x your initial bet, you will get 30 spins with an increased chance of a win. You also get to choose between the Amulet and Charm to empower these bets. The Amulet will throw out more scatter symbols while the Charm grants bigger scatter values.

Overall, we think The Amulet and the Charm Power bet is a brilliant fantasy game with plenty to love. Give it a spin for yourself today!

Game Stats
Paylines 40
Min. Bet 0.80
Max. Bet 400
Bonus Round Free Spins, Power Bet Mode