Get ready to feel like an alchemist and concoct lotions and potions galore with Alchymedes. This slot was mixed up by the renowned developers at Yggdrasil and is available for you to play now at Rocket Slots.


We love Yggdrasil for their innovative and creative game design and this is certainly one to add to the collection. It takes place in a mysterious and dusty laboratory with pipes twiddling here, there, and everywhere.

There are two class of symbols. The lower paying ones are placed the card suits; spade, heart, club, and diamond. Each one is placed against its own little alchemical matrix for a little extra flair.

The higher paying symbols are some of the amazing potions you can concoct during this game. There is one in blue, one in green, one in purple, and one in amber. The Wild is a mysterious cauldron filled with a bright green liquid. Keep reading to find out some of the amazing properties it has up its sleeves!

How to Play

Yggdrasil has an undeniable talent for making games which look complicated but which actually could not be simpler to play.

All the controls you need are to be found in the panel beneath the reels. Adjust how much you want to bet by clicking the plus and the minus keys at the coin value section. Straight to the right of it, you will find the cash bet section with how much you will be betting per spin. When it is at a level you are satisfied with, hit either the spin in the centre or the autoplay function right beside it.

For more information about the game and the special features, be sure to check out the paytable in the bottom left corner.

Game Features

Alchymedes has one of the most interesting gameplays we have seen in a long time. There are no free spins here but the Expanding Wild features and Win Multipliers more than make up for it.

This slot actually features levelled gameplay. Every win you snatch will highlight the squares of the reels it is sitting on. Highlight all the tiles and you will advance a level of the game. By doing so, you will get to affect either the Wild Pattern or the Multiplier bonus.

The Multiplier bonus increases on any random round. When you advance to the next level of gameplay, the Multiplier gathered will be applied to the win which has completed the level. This can be a massive win depending on how much of a multiplier you grab.

Meanwhile, every time you land a Wild, it will spread across the reels in the pattern dictated by the sphere in the top left corner of the game. When you complete a level, you will have the option to lean towards either a more complex Wild pattern or a higher chance of scoring a great Multiplier bonus. Whichever combination you want to choose is up to you! You can even chop and change between levels as much as you like!

Overall, we think Alchymedes is a fantastic game. If you love slots with a hint of fantasy, you are going to adore this game. Try it for yourself now!

Game Stats
Paylines 30
Min. Bet £0.30
Max. Bet £60
Bonus Round Various