Africa Goes Wild

Africa Goes Wild by the providers Leander games is a fun safari themed game where you can have the chance to win huge jackpots.  Play Africa Goes Wild today at Rocket Slots to see what you can win!


The design of this game is very safari and tribal with the background and the symbols are seen throughout the game. The background of the game shows a village-like area with trees, houses and mountains. The symbols on the reel match the overall safari theme with the tribal colours which almost look like totems, masks and animals. Throughout the game, you will find that the different symbols are high paying and lower paying.  The lower paying symbols are the letters and numbers with tribal markings around them. The other low paying symbols include the leopard and cattle. The rhino, elephant and the lion are higher paying symbols. There are also other symbols that are higher paying and can help you win huge jackpots. These symbols include; the golden lion and the silver lion as well as the logo of the game.

How to Play   

It is fairly easy to play Africa Goes Wild if you have played other slot games before. However, if you would like to find out more information before you play then you can read over the instructions to find out about the game, for example, what the different symbols are worth and have a look over the different paylines and even find out more about the bonus features.

When you have read over the instructions and have a better understanding of the game, you can start betting. To place a bet, click on the’ total bet’ button and choose how much you would like to bet. You can change the bet at any time by clicking the ‘total bet’ button again.

If you would like to bet the same amount for each spin, you can click the ‘autoplay’ button and spin for as long as you like without clicking any buttons.

Game Features

Africa Goes Wild has many great features which can help you to win a huge jackpot. The wild symbols can help you win big as the wild (logo of the game) can substitute for the other symbols. Other symbols that have great bonuses are the lions that are gold and silver in colour. These symbols allow you to win 10 free spins throughout the game as you play. The free spins are also accompanied by the possibility of landing a 2x win multiplier. Who wants a wonderful win? We sure do!

The animal stampede (cattle) symbol can also help you win because if 2 free spin symbols land on the reel a stampede may bring another free symbol to the reel allowing you to get the bonus feature.

If you would like to be in for the chance to win huge wins in the company of some of the most amazing animals on this planet then go wild and play Africa Goes Wild today!

Game Stats
Paylines 1024
Min. Bet £0.40
Max. Bet £20
Bonus Round Bonus Symbols, Free Spins